Photo Bjørn Mølmen

The garden

A garden and its design can, in many respects reflect the personality of its owner Sigrid Undset’s garden is no exception. It was designed by Undset, who was interested in botany and gardening, following the purchase of Bjerkebæk in 1921.

The design of the garden lies at the crossover between the historical and modern. From the placement of the houses, to the construction of the rock walls and choice of plants, all works together to form a picture of Sigrid Undset.

She created a verdant garden containing fruit trees, berry bushes,s and vegetables, as well as perennials, roses and bulbs. The garden was at the peak of it’s beauty during the 1930s.

To enter the garden at Bjerkebæk feels like stepping 70 years back in time as if you might suddenly see the author herself come wandering through the garden.