Glassverandaen på Bjerkebæk Sigrid Undsets hjem, Lillehammer
Ian Brodie

Experience Bjerkebæk

In two log houses, Sigrid Undset created Bjerkebæk, a unique home furnished in a traditional manner. Experience Bjerkebæk and see the life of Sigrid Undset as an  author, public debater, mother, catholic and gardener.

100 years with Sigrid Undset

 In 2019, we celebrate Sigrid Undset’s arrival to both Lillehammer and Bjerkebæk.

A variety of events  will be held throughout the year.


The Home

Bjerkebæk is Sigrid Undset’s home and writer's studio.

Guided tour of the house

A visit to Sigrid Undset’s home Bjerkebæk provides a unique cultural experience.

The garden

A garden and its design can, in many respects reflect the personality of its owner Sigrid Undset’s garden is no exception. It was designed by Undset, who was interested in botany and gardening, following the purchase of Bjerkebæk in 1921.

The Café

At Bjerkebæk you will find a little café with beautiful view of Sigrid Undset's house and garden.

Museum Shop

The museum shop at Bjerkebæk is a bookshop selling books by and about Sigrid Undset. In addition we also sell goods that Sigrid Undset enjoyed, such as filigree brooches and porcelain pots.