Photo: May Linn Clement

Back to the future

20. May

29. September

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When the Germans invaded Norway on April 9, 1940, the renowned Nobel Prize winner and anti-Nazi Sigrid Undset was forced to flee from Bjerkebæk.

Through drawings by the cartoonist May Linn Clement, published in Dag og Tid, the audience can follow Undset on her escape from Bjerkebæk and northward through Gudbrandsdalen, via Åndalsnes and Mo i Rana, through Sweden, Russia, and Japan to the USA, where she wrote the book "Return to the Future," published in the USA in 1942.

In the final scene, the war is over, Undset is back home, but her gaze is "dimmed," and she did not write any more novels. The series of drawings was created for the article "Back to the Future," which Morten A. Strøksnes wrote in Dag og Tid in the spring of 2020.