Photo: Ann Kristin Eggen / Bjerkebæk
Bjerkebæk / Summer at Bjerkebæk

Summer at Bjerkebæk

Welcome to Bjerkebæk! Get to know the nobel laureate Sigrid Undset. The museum is open during summer. 


Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset (1882 - 1949) lived at Bjerkebæk where she created a distinctive home in two old log houses that had been moved from old farms in Gudbrandsdalen. 

Sigrid Undset highly appreciated a life close to her flowers and nature. She transformed the garden from a heap of stones into an oasis, and it is open to the public all day. 

Hosts in the garden

Meet our knowledgeable hosts in Sigrid Undset’s garden, they gladly tell about the author’s life.

A walk in the garden is in itself a great experience. The garden is planned and shaped by Sigrid Undset herself, and reconstructed the way is was in the midst of the 1930s. You will find perennials, fruit trees, herbs, stairways, stone walls and gravel walks. In some parts the grass grows freely to make a variety of plants and flowers flourish there.


Inside the guest house you will find the exhibition «Sigrid Undset’s travels» that gives an exciting insight into her travels through life.

Museum shop

Inside the visitor center you will find the museum shop. You can buy books by Sigrid Undset, gift articles and ceramic jars not unlike  those inside the author’s home. The cafeteria is located next to the shop, with beautiful view to the garden and the home.