Sigrid Undset


Sigrid Undset was born at the home of her meternal grandfather in Kalundborg, Denmark. Her parents were the archeologist Ingvald Undset (1853-1893) and his Danish wife Charlotte Undset, nee Gyth (1855-1939). 

The Nobel Laureate

Sigrid Undset was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in November 1928. She was the second youngest to be awarded the Prize for Literature at the time and the third woman. 

The Family

Sigrid Undset was born on the 20th of May 1882 in  her mother’s home town Kalundborg in Denmark. Her parents were the archaeologist Ingvald Undset (1853-1893) and his Danish wife Charlotte Undset, nee Gyth (1855-1939).

Sigrid Undset (1882-1949)

Sigrid Undset is one of the leading and internationally most well known Norwegian authors of the 1900s. She made her literary début in 1907 with the novel of marriage Fru Marta OulieJenny (1911) became Sigrid Undset’s breakthrough novel.

Social commitment

Sigrid Undset was a knowledgeable and fearless polemicist and she participated actively in public debate. Two important themes were women’s rights and the question of faith.