Photo: Rannveig Røstad / Bjerkebæk


Information to disabled and persons of special needs. We want all our visitors to be able to visit Bjerkebæk. If you have disabilities or special needs we have gathered some information for you on this page to make your visit easier to plan.


It is possible to park right outside the Visitor center. Entrance directly from street level adapted for wheelchairs. Otherwise, there is a parking lot north of the Olympic halls, on the upper side of Sigrid Undset's road. Parking fee is requred.

Visitor center/cafeteria/tickets/shop

The visitor center has guest toilets and a cloakroom with lockable cupboards. Well adapted for HC, no thresholds, spacious HCWC, access to the auditorium, shop, and cafe with a terrace outside through wide doors.


Access to the museum via a bridge from the public building. It is difficult to use the bridge with an electric wheelchair due to the design of the bridge, it narrows at one point. Garden paths and space outside the house ‘Røssum’ have loose gravels, which is not ideal for manual wheelchairs. The museum is difficult for wheelchair users due to high foundation walls, which provide high stairs at the entrances. Inside the houses, there are narrow walkways that are not suitable for wheelchair users.

The guest house/exhibition

Difficult to access by wheelchair since the exhibition is located inside a cramped, old outbuilding.


There are large height differences in the garden, with walls and stairs, as well as relatively steep terrain, which makes it generally somewhat difficult for wheelchair users. It is possible to get to both the garden and the yard via several gates to the street. Ask the employees so that they can unlock the gates.