Foto: Jan Haug / Bjerkebæk. 

På Bjerkebæk finnes kunst av blant andre Anders C. Svarstad, Alf Lundeby og Kristen Holbø. Foto Jan Haug

The sitting room

The sitting room is situated in the log house that was moved from Røssum farm in Kvam to Lillehammer by Gunnar Hjorth in 1918. Sigrid Undset moved to the house in 1919, initially as a tenant.

In a letter to Nini Roll Anker she wrote: 

I have filled all the windows sith roses and pelargonias and oleanders and English geraniums and abutilons and stars of Bethlehem and fuchsias – my potted plants have never thrived the way they do here. If only I could stay in Lillehammer!

Gunnar Hjorth decided to sell the house in the spring of 1921, and Sigrid Undset signed the deed. For the first time in her life she lived in a place she could furnish to her own tastes and wishes.