Sigrid Undset's studio.
Photo: Ian Brody / Bjerkebæk.

The Home

Bjerkebæk is Sigrid Undset’s home and writer's studio.

“I have provisionally got my own house - it is very old fashioned and impractical but I have made the best out of it, invested money into it, without end and to the never ending outrage of practical people, and I cannot describe how much I love it”

Sigrid Undset

Sigrid Undset created a unique home furnished in a traditional and practical manner. When the second house was completed in 1924 she wrote: 

“The new house has turned out so beautifully that you’d have to see it to believe it ...(...) So perfectly in accordance with my own taste that it couldn't be any better".

Around the buildings she laid out a beautiful garden of both utility and beauty.

She lived here with her three children in old log houses moved from two farms in Gudbrandsdalen.

Sigrid Undset lived at Bjerkebæk from 1919 until her death in 1949, except for the war years when she lived in the USA.

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