Fra museumsbutikken på Bjerkebæk Sigrid Undsets hjem

Museum Shop

The museum shop at Bjerkebæk is a bookshop selling books by and about Sigrid Undset. In addition we also sell goods that Sigrid Undset enjoyed, such as filigree brooches and porcelain pots.

Her world is made up of books, sagas, legends, all history recorded during time, the people, the lineage, earth’s and heaven’s. This is where she lives. - Wrote Nini Roll Anker about Sigrid Undset.

At a young age Sigrid Undset became obsessed by a passion to collect, buy and own books.

The selection of goods in the shop:

  • by Sigrid Undset
  • about Sigrid Undset
  • books of quotes
  • children's book
  • gardening book
Filigree Brooches

Sigrid Undset had a comprehensive collection of Norwegian national costume silver brooches, which she gifted to Maihaugen. Copies of four of these brooches are available for purchase.