Hovedinngangen til publikumsbygget på Sigrid Undsets hjem Bjerkebæk.
Photo: Mark Purnell / Bjerkebæk

Welcome to an adventurous day at Bjerkebæk!

Welcome to Bjerkebæk! Get to know the nobel laureate Sigrid Undset.

All day

11.00 - 16.00

The famous author’s home is located just a short walk from Lillehammer city center. Due to the Covid-19 situation the home is unfortunately closed this summer, but you can still visit the visitor center, the beautiful garden, several exhibitions and the museum shop. Our knowledgeable hosts will tell stories about Sigrid Undset and her life at Bjerkebæk.

The garden
The beautiful garden surrounds the old notched log buildings. This is a typical garden for its time, around the 1920s, planned and shaped by Sigrid Undset herself. It is an experience walking around the paths in this lush and well kept garden.

In the guset house you can visit the exhibition «Sigrid Undset’s travels»

The museum shop
Inside the modern visitor center you will find the museum shop with books and giftware.  You can enter the shop free of charge.

The café is closed, but you are welcome to a picnic inside the visitor center or in the garden.