Photo: Kine Sofie Madsen / Bjerkebæk

Sigrid Undset's home Bjerkebæk

The author Sigrid Undset’s home lies within walking distance of the centre of Lillehammer. The museum is one of Lillehammer’s most beautiful cultural attractions.

Sigrid Undset moved into the small timber house in 1919 and called the place Bjerkebæk. She purchased a second timber house and the two houses and the outhouse form an inner courtyard.

She furnished the house with style, making room for items of personal value and all her books.

The two medieval works "Kristin Lavransdatter" and "Olav Audunsson" were both written while Sigrid Undset lived at Bjerkebæk. 

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At Bjerkebæk there is also a small cosy café and a museum shop.

In the summer season you may experience the home and the prolific garden as it was while the author lived there.

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