Sigrid Undsets skrivebord på Bjerkebæk, Lillehammer
Photo Ian Brodie

Guided tour of the house

A visit to Sigrid Undset’s home Bjerkebæk provides a unique cultural experience.

The home

The artist’s home remains as it was furnished during the 1930s by Sigrid Undset herself; it is a unique home filled with artefacts and books reflecting her personal taste.

The guided tour

A guide relates the story of her life from her childhood in Kristiania, her life as an artist in Rome, the life as a housewife and mother, the divorce, Catholicism, the Nobel prize, the fight against the Nazis and the years in the USA during the second world war.

Sigrid Undset lived a life of diversity and her home is marked by all her adventures.

Peisestua på Bjerkebæk

Peisestua er innredet helt etter Sigrid Undsets egen personlighet og smak. Foto Jan Haug